Manta reef Lodge


Manta Reef Lodge is een prachtige lodge in het noorden van Pemba eiland, de perfecte locatie voor watersporters, duikers en voor diegenen die komen om te genieten van zon, zee en strand. Barefoot luxury is een term die lijkt uitgevonden voor deze lodge... De inrichting en afwerking werd uitgevoerd met een scherp oog voor details en charme. De lodge ademt een typische lokale sfeer uit: Pemba ten voeten uit, ver weg van de massa!

De lodge heeft in totaal 15 huisjes met een ruime slaapkamer met veranda en een ruime badkamer. Er zijn 3 soorten kamers: garden rooms (zonder airco), superior garden rooms (met airco) en seaview rooms.

Het restaurant heeft een internationale keuken waar heerlijke gerechten worden geserveerd. Vanuit de lodge kunt u onder andere duiken met het duikcentrum in het hotel, vissen, kajakken, zeilen met een lokale dhow en een aantal prachtige bootexcursies maken naar nabijgelegen dorpjes en het verdere eiland verkennen.

U verblijft hier op basis van All inclusive. En All inclusive is hier ook écht All inclusive. We trachten een idee te geven: alle maaltijden, alle dranken (ja, ook sterke dranken, wijn, schuimwijn, ...), een uitstap per dag (zie op tabblad "meer info"), 1 behandeling in de spa van het hotel, kajak, ...

De Lodge werd volledig gerenoveerd in 2008.


Some of the dive sites around Pemba are spectacular by any standards. The deep Pemba channel rises dramatically towards the island’s west coast in near vertical walls along many of the reefs. Diving in this region is characterized by exceptionally clear, blue water drop-off’s and vibrantly healthy shallow reefs. Hard and soft coral gardens support a proliferation of reef and pelagic fish and other marine life.

1. THE SWISS REEF System of sea mountains running parallel to the wall on a platform 25m down. The mountains have different profiles; from just a few meter up to 100m long. The thing to do here is drift dive over the system going from one mountain to another discovering the amazing reef life. Good chance in seeing big pelagic and turtles. Full of fish in big schools.
Recommended for: Experienced divers.

2. SHIMBA HILLS The last corner of the Shimba Wall breaks into two and forms a valley at 12m depth with sand bottom with lots of barrel sponges and anthias, red sea sweatlips, fusiliers, red tooth triggerfish, etc.
Recommended for: Novice Divers

3. THE EDGE Just west of the north-western peninsula. This is the last wall before Pemba island drops into the Pemba channel The wall starts at 30 meters and falls down steep! On the top of the wall huge barrels sponges and spirals corals grow up to two meters high. This is a great place for encounters with Napoleon fish, potato grouper, cubera snapper, big pelagic, turtle and even white tip shark.
Recommended for: Deep divers certificate apply. Strong currents occur.

4. SCORPIONS SECRET Situated a 2 min boat ride from the resort a gentle sloping wall starting at 5 m down to 18 m. Clear visibility and gentle currents make this site perfect for novice divers (DSD and OW) and snorkelers alike, as well as night dives. Well know for its camouflaged scorpion fish. Leaf fish, lion fish and giant frog fish.

5A. NJAO GAP NORTH Just north-west of Njao Island, on the north-west corner of Pemba. Another interesting and dramatic dive site. The lovely coral garden slopes from 5m to 18m, and suddenly plummets down into “un-diveable” depths. Currents can be strong. Best enjoyed when drift-dived, allowing the north bound current to sweep you through the gap into the lagoon, with no risk of getting lost. Vertical walls, giant sea fans, green turtles, large napoleon wrasse and a host of titan trigger fish makes this site memorable. Visibility usually excellent.
Recommended for: Novice divers.

5B. NJAO GAP SOUTH Description: Steep Wall, huge overhangs, gorgonian sea fans, eels, giant grouper, turtles, wrasse. Amazing night dives.
Recommended for: Open water divers

6. MANDELA WALL The north-western tip of Fundo Island. The top of this wall is between 8 to 15 metres deep, dropping dramatically in some areas to more than 200 metres. The precipitous cliffs are adorned with gorgonian sea fans and whip corals. Be on the look out for large “blue water” species. This wall runs parallel to Njao Islands south wall, and has a shallow platform that gently falls from 4m to 12m. Extraordinary table coral formations on top of the wall and anemones cities. The wall continues to gently fall down, all covered of lettuce coral, gorgonian, and sponges till 25m depth. Occasional pass of pelagic fish like Tuna, Wahoo etc.
Recommended for: Novice divers

7. CORAL GARDEN At the end of Mandela wall, and start Fundo Gap, this platform of coral is protected from strong currents. It is a great place to see the thousands of coral formations. Take your time to see the macro life that exist in Pemba, such as the pipe fish, banded boxer shrimps, commensal, emperor partner shrimp eels. Good possibilities to see the napoleon fish, Nassau groupers and torpedo rays. Recommended for: Novice divers

8. MANTA POINT Manta Point, said to be one of the world’s finest dive sites, is situated just beyond the mouth of the Fundu Gap, west of Fundu Island. It is well-named, though mantas are not guaranteed. During dry season from January, to April it is possible to see Devil and Eagle rays in groups of up to 15 individuals. They visit this spectacular coral pinnacle for cleaning purposes or just to glide past in their graceful way, filter feeding as they go, sometimes at surprisingly shallow depths. The pinnacle, flocculent with fantastic corals, rises from 40m to 8m, with a dramatic drop on its western side. Visibility varies from about 20 to 40 metres. A whole range of marine life, from fusiliers, jackfish and surgeon-fish and turtles, might be seen here, as well as plenty of coral.
Recommended for: Unfortunately for novices, this marvellous site is for experienced divers only.

9. FUNDO REEF Fundo Gap is a solid coral drop off that starts at 3-6 meters and drops down until it disappears in to the big blue. A smooth current that we call “The Fundo Express” transports you past huge waterfalls of corals such as Broad Leaved coral, Brain coral, sponges and Soft coral. Hunters like Jackfish, Barracudas, Snappers and Groupers pass thru the mouth of the narrow Fundo gap, waiting for food. The Gap finishes in an underwater dessert where the life is reduced to small corals heads.
Recommended for: Experienced divers.

10. THE CRACK The Crack is a massive vertical crack that divides the wall in two. The wall starts at 7m and falls down to 45m. The crack is situated in the narrowest part of the gap. Be aware that there always is very strong currents! The wall is one of the most amazing walls you will ever see. It’s full of sponges of the most variable colours and forms, the cliff is 90 degrees and is a perfect location to spot big potato bass, Nassau groupers, Cubera snappers, barracudas, batfish, napoleon wrasses and occasional devil rays. Please note that The Crack is only diveable when the right weather and tide conditions apply.
Recommended for: Experience divers only

11. THE CAVE The upper part of this reef has a shallow and sandy bottom, falling away abruptly in a sheer cliff to more than 100m. The cave that gives this site its name is situated on this wall. Large pelagics are always around and you might see turtles along the coral cliff. Currents can be strong.
Recommended for:

12A. UVINJE GAP SOUTH Off Uvinje Island, south-west of Wete. Main feature is its spectacular sheer wall dropping to over 40 metres with fascinating overhangs and a host of fish (such as butterfly, angel and moorish idols) nestling amongst the black corals that are common here, with countless goldies among the bommies in the shallows. At lower depths you might see large groupers and napoleon wrasse. Recommended for: Experienced divers only.

12B. UVINJE OUTER WALL The north wall of this site, supporting healthy populations of large fan and gorgonian corals, starts at 7m and descends irregular terraces in places, to a maximum of over 40m. The near-vertical south wall starts at 6m, also dropping to below 40m. Various species of rays might be seen here, as well as schools of barracuda and tuna and other large pelagics, plus groupers and napoleon wrasse. The corals are showered with resident goldies and there are good chances of seeing green turtles. There is some current but beginners as well as more advanced divers can operate here. Recommended for: Novice divers 14. MESALI ISLAND Like Mnemba Island in Unguja, Mesali is such a relatively accessible and popular destination. “Popular” in Pemba being far from crowded. So superb for snorkelling and diving that it has been given its own list of sites. Visibility averages between 20 to 50 metres. Recommended for: Open water and experienced divers

13A. MAKARERE REEF. MESALI An interesting, undulating reef set on a sandy slope on the south-western edge of Mesali. A series of coral knolls extends from the top of the reef at 8-10m to the seabed at more than 30 metres. The corals provide shelter and sustenance for lobsters, moray eels, torpedo rays and many reef fish, while the sandy valleys are home to schools of surgeon and unicorn fish, roaming napoleon wrasse and large spotted eagle rays. Dolphins (often spinners) frequent this site.

13B. CORAL GARDEN AND RAZORBACK REEF This superb site is generally approached as a drift dive but suitable for beginners as well as experts, with depths from 16 to 30 metres. The “garden”, running north to south along Mesali Island, consists of multitudinous corals, among them gorgonian fans, in fine condition. Among them, and in the little caves and around the ridges, flourishes a remarkable abundance of marine life, from tiny reef fishes to giant groupers and great shoals of surgeon fish. Several large napoloeon wrasse are resident on the ridge. At its southernmost point the corals are not quite so resplendent though this doesn’t seem to bother the turtles that are often found here. The Razorback Reef and a further deep reef (experienced divers only) can be included on this dive. The inside face of the Razorback descends to around 30m, the outer face to about 40m. The deep reef can be approached from the top at 45m, from where very large napoleon fish and the occasional shark might be seen.
Recommended for: Novice divers

13C. CORAL MOUNTAIN. MESALI. Based on a submarine eminence, which while not exactly mountainous, rising from a little over 80m to 18m of the surface, is beautifully embellished by a bloom of rose coral. Said to be suitable for novices as well as more advanced divers, its corals attract unusual species such as leaf fish and an abundance of blue-striped fusiliers. Larger fish, including rainbow runners, trevally and dog-tooth tuna, hunt the area whilst octopuses can usually be found hiding among the crevices.
Recommended for: Novice divers

13D. MAPINDUZI REEF This is yet another wall dive, falling to 45 metres with large gorgonians and fan corals decorating its cliffs. Large schools of barracuda and lots of giant triggerfish might be seen here. The giant triggers are said to be “Pemban” - not aggressive.

Data en prijzen

Prijzen geldig tot 28/02/2020 vanaf $1450 (€1.282)*:
HS: 1/7/19-28/2/20
LS:  1/3/19-30/6/19

Betaal voor 6 nachten en krijg er 8 (niet geldig tussen 20/12/19 en 10/01/20)
Garden room: HS $1830  LS $1450
Superior garden room: HS $2200  LS $1750
Seafront villa:  HS $2750  LS $2150

Betaal voor 4 nachten en krijg er 5 (niet geldig tussen 20/12/19 en 10/01/20)
Garden room: HS $1200  LS $970
Superior garden room: HS $1450  LS $1160
Seafront villa:  HS $1800  LS $1450


  • 7 nachten in gedeelde 2-persoonskamer
  • ontbijt: fruit, gebak, English breakfast, dranken
  • lunch: keuze uit 2 voor- en 2 hoofdgerechten, dranken
  • dinner: 3 gangen maaltijd met keuze uit 2 voor- en hoofdgerechten, dranken
  • alle dranken
  • 1 spa behandeling per dag bij "Kipepeo Spa"
  • kayaken vanaf het strand
  • wifi in main lounge 
  • transfer

Niet inbegrepen:

  • vluchten
  • duiken ($385/6 duiken, $625/10 duiken en $960/16 duiken)
  • suplement boot duiken ter plaatsen te betalen
  • alle overige activiteiten
  • fooien en persoonlijke uitgaven
  • eventuele lokale taksen

* wisselkoers van 26/03/2019


Meer info


Beschrijving daguitstappen:

Er worden dagelijks uitstappen georganiseerd door de lodge, die deel uitmaken van het All in pakket. op deze manier kan je kennis maken met het authentieke Pemba.
Hieronder een korte beschrijving van de uitstappen:

Monday – Lighthouse walk
This historical building, dating back to 1900, is a very interesting cultural experience. On the way there you will be passing through our local village, called Mnarani. Your guide will teach you more about local flora, as well as medicinal uses of many of the plants you find on the way to the lighthouse.

Tuesday – Fish Market Trip
We drive to Tumbe, and watch the fishing boats come in, where fish are offloaded and auctioned in a real Pemba style frenzy! Visit the teenage girls, who are seaweed farmers, selling their product to  a Chinese company without even knowing what they use it for...

Wednesday – Kayak Trip down the coast
Jump on a two seater kayak with your partner, and go on a relaxed paddle down the coastline with one of our dive team.

Thursday – Nzegi Forest Trip
A short drive will take you to the Ngezi Forest, which is one of the oldest rain forests on the planet. You will leave the vehicle and depart for a 45 minute walk through Ngezi feeling like a real explorer!

Friday – Local School and Village Walk
Take a casual walk to Kijijini, where one of our guides will stroll you through the village and take you to a small local school, where we will introduce you to the children eagerly learning English!

Saturday – Flying Fox and Spice Tour
Jump in a vehicle and take an hour drive to Wete, where we will go on a tour through a spice plantation, and also visit the Pemba Flying Foxes in a forest close by.

Sunday – Vumawinbi Beach and Mangrove Walk
Join us on a relaxed walk to the western side of the island, where you will travel through a local village area, and walk down the stunning vumawinbi beach down to a spectacular mangrove forest. 



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Aanbevelingen van het Tropisch Instituut in Antwerpen (of raadpleeg uw huisarts)

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